Feel free to test the new care service 1. Click the button to show you care 2. If you are already logged into JustGiving it will recognise you and automatically care 3. If not, you can log in with your normal details, you can log in with Facebook or you can create a new account… Read More

To try and make things a bit more interesting through the course of the  World Cup I’ve set myself a pot of £25 to play with on Bet365.com.  Going to see how well I do with a number of micro bets (hey I’m not a big spender!). Let us see if I can come out… Read More

On the 8th June 1986 my Dad woke me in the middle of the night and suggested I come downstairs. There was something he wanted to show me. Bleary eyed I followed him downstairs and towards the glow of our TV set. On that television, the second half of the Denmark-Uruguay game was just kicking… Read More

Last week I had the pleasure of organising and managing the first ever company wide internal hack at JustGiving. Under the catchy moniker of JustHacking (lazy I know!), I asked the business to join me in helping to realise a few internal goals: Increase awareness and understanding of our API stack Have a go at innovating… Read More

Had a fantastic few days last week presenting at APIStrat2014 – a conference for the emerging API economy. It’s great to people from across Europe coming together and what really struck me is the sense of openness that permeates the group. Like the open platforms we were there to eulogise, there is a real sense… Read More

This is a presentation I’m about to give at work during one of our regular brown bag sessions. If you are thinking of getting on the property ladder then have a read and let me know what you think? I hope there is something in there that helps? Stepping onto the ladder – 10 Tips… Read More

Last week I got the chance to visit Guardian Towers – an establishment I’ve long wanted to visit given how much I read the paper – for a Twitter masterclass with Tony Le Mesmer. When I say Tony, I mean David Schneider – a man responsible for many an Alan Partridge line down the years and… Read More

0900 – Early bird catching .Net worm I’m here at Level 39, Canary Wharf for what is going to be a weekend of hacking on behalf of Cancer Research UK and JustGiving. It’s going to be a fun, energetic and potentially challenging weekend and I’ll be adding notes, thoughts and live updates as we go…… Read More